Buying sustainable palm oil drives industry transformation

According to data generated by the European Palm Oil Alliance and the Initiative Sustainable Trade, 86 % of palm oil used in Europe is now RSPO certified sustainable. 

While European Union member states only import 17% of the global production of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), they play a significant role in driving demand. The EU market is the biggest consumer of sustainable palm oil worldwide.   

National Standards such as Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil and Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil can also play an important role to ensure more sustainable production. Their development often follows RSPO developments. This is why it is important to continue to invest in and buy RSPO – certified products. 

European demand remains a key driver of palm oil industry transformation. Many European countries have established targets for making their palm oil imports 100% CSPO. Buying CSPO fits the ambitious targets of the European Green Deal and Farm to Fork policies. It creates incentives for farmers, producers, and even governments worldwide to transform their practices and standards so that palm oil is produced sustainably. Developing demand for CSPO in the largest palm oil-consuming countries, India and China, remains a challenge

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