Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue 2023

14  June 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany

Innovation Fair – 14 June


Following the success of the first Innovation Fair last year, the 2023 edition of the Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue (SPOD) will dedicate special attention to the innovators making sustainable palm oil the norm. Together with Wageningen University & Research and the Sustainable Palm Oil Choice, SPOD will host an Innovation Fair and a special session on innovations.

8 organisations have been selected for their impact on the ground or the opportunity to deliver compliance with the upcoming EU Regulatory Framework on Deforestation and the EU CSDDD. They will exhibit their innovation during the Innovation Fair at the Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue on 14 June 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The audience of SPOD will select the 3 innovators that get the opportunity to win the fair during a plenary session. Take a look at their innovations and make sure to meet them at the Innovation Fair!

Please find the submissions below

Wild Asia Logo

Accelerating regenerative agriculture in oil palm to improve farm profitability, ecosystem services and carbon sequestration

Wild Asia

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Logo Satelligence Voor Blokje

Monitoring the performance of agricultural production, supply chain and ESG risks


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Meridia Voor Blokje

Stress-test data quality of large and complex datasets linked to smallholder heavy supply chains


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Pengamatan Satwa

Using innovation and Citizen Science to meet RSPO biodiversity monitoring requirements

Pendaki - PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ)

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Dibiz 2023

Software for supply chain traceability and due diligence


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Agriplot Voor Blokje

Supply chain traceability and due diligence

Earthqualizer Foundation and Inovasi Digital

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Erreppi Buffalo Driver 2

New tractor model suitable for oil palm plantations


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Palmera Voor Blokje

Smallholder group succesfully mapping its deforestation-free supply chain

Palmas del Ixcan (Agroindustria Palmera San Roman, S.A.)

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