How can you look for products with certified sustainable palm oil?

The SPOC team

How can you look for products with certified sustainable palm oil? WWF has the answer!

Are you aware of how ubiquitous palm oil is in the products we use every day? From food to cosmetics, palm oil is found in an estimated 50% of consumer goods. But did you know that palm oil can be sourced and produced sustainably and responsibly?

WWF believes that we can make a difference by choosing products that use sustainable palm oil. Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is produced in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or wildlife, and supports local communities:

WWF: “So next time you’re shopping, look for the RSPO CSPO label on products, check out the Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard (POBS) to know how your favourite brands are faring and choose to support companies that are committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil. By choosing products made with certified sustainable palm oil, you can support the palm oil industry’s transition to more responsible and sustainable practices. Join us in our efforts to protect our planet and its biodiversity.

Stay tuned for more educational videos on palm oil. Together, we can create a more sustainable future.”

Know more about your favourite brands on the POBS website.

Chester Zoo: Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Palm Oil

Another great source for information in your search for sustainable palm oil, is the Chester Zoo website.

In a May 2023 TedX Talk, Chester Zoo’s Science Director Simon Dowell discusses “the role of modern zoos in reversing the current biodiversity crisis and how they can use their voice to influence political solutions”. He promotes the use of the PalmOil Scan App to find sustainable palm oil products.

Check out his full TedX Talk.