Switching to sustainable palm oil

How to buy?
When becoming a sustainable palm oil frontrunner, buying Sustainable Palm Oil is an important step. But, it can be challenging to define where to start and how to progress if you want to start sourcing sustainable palm oil. The Sustainable Palm Oil Choice Initiative has created a simple 6 step tool that will help you figure out what steps to take when you are looking into starting to purchase sustainable palm oil!

Step by step
The steps will help you determine your situation, and provide appropriate links tailored to your situation and guide you on your way to source sustainable palm oil. It contains links to places on the RSPO website where relevant information can be found, but also to partners that may be able to assist or help with certain steps.

How can we help?
We hope it will guide you on your journey to becoming a sustainable palm oil frontrunner. However, if you still have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to personally guide you onwards.

About RSPO certification
RSPO has set up 2 certification systems:

  • One to ensure that palm oil is sustainably produced;
  • The other to guarantee the integrity of the trade in sustainable palm oil and to guarantee that the palm oil sold as sustainable palm oil is indeed produced by certified plantations.

Both systems involve external certification authorities. Such certification systems are important for consumer confidence in sustainable palm oil.

RSPO Trade Systems
RSPO has different trade systems:

  • Identity Preserved: Sustainable palm oil from a single identifiable certified source is kept separately from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.
  • Segregated: Sustainable palm oil from different certified sources is kept separate from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.
  • Mass Balance: Sustainable palm oil from certified sources is mixed with ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.

Additionally RSPO has a system of credits (Book & Claim). In this system the supply chain is not monitored for the presence of sustainable palm oil. Manufacturers and retailers can buy Credits from RSPO-certified growers, crushers and independent smallholders.

For more information about RSPO certification click here.

Join us!

We are already committed to either use, produce or support the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil. In Europe, our goal – 100 percent sustainable palm oil – is almost in sight. 86 percent of palm oil in Europe meets RSPO certification. Are you not yet using sustainably certified palm oil? Then we are happy to help you switch.

Let’s build sustainable palm oil value chains. Together we can!