CNV Internationaal

We support the use of sustainable palmoil in a couple of ways;

  • Through our work the last 5 years with partner organizations on palmoil in countries (f.i. Indonesia & Guatemala)
  • Through our work in the Dutch IRBC agreement on Food
  • Through our project on CBA benchmarking in Palmoil in West- Kalimantan
  • Through collaboration with ILO, DLRI, MVO/EPOA, and international palmoil companies (Wilmar, cargil, etc)
  • Through our memberschip in RSPO

We are committed to RSPO, and a member since 2021 (part of the board and of the Human Rights Working Group).

"CNV Internationaal is committed to improve the labour conditions in palmoil worldwide, with our partner trade unions we work towards improving social dialogue and collaboration for a sustainable supply chain."
Marieke de Vries- den Hollander, IRBC expert food & Palmoil

Our success

CNV Internationaal and their Indonesian office has been creating fair economic development together with the ILO. In 2018 ILO and CNV started to see how to organize all the different trade unions together in Kalimantan, in order for trade unions to cooperate at company level in order to speak with one voice. Thereby increasing the social dialogue with companies to arrange CBAs. In the beginning of November 2018, CNV Internationaal and ILO facilitated the network of trade unions in transforming into a formal network by organizing several meetings. On December 5, 2019, the Indonesian Palm Oil Workers’ Union Network was finally formally formed and called JAPBUSI (Jaringan Pekerja Buruh Sawit Indonesia).

CNV Internationaal worked with Wilmar together on a positive impact project. Wilmar’s Indonesian Human Resource Department (HRD) and CNV’s Indonesia partner Hukatan-KSBSI cooperated through direct engagement between leaders of both parties. A new chapter of the union was set-up in PT MSS as the union was re-introduced to workers. Both Wilmar HRD and the union provided support and training for newly elected worker union representatives on industrial relations. Following an engagement model that was established earlier in 2016 with another union in North Sumatra, Serbundo, Wilmar and the unions now enjoy an open and trusting relationship, with union leadership having direct access and contact with Wilmar HR management. This has facilitated engagement with workers and means that the union leadership has clear access to their members and worker representatives, with the full consent of Wilmar management. This was a positive experience between Wilmar, Hukatan-KSBSI and CNV with our third party suppliers in Indonesia. We have actively included leaders of unions including Hukatan-KSBSI, as speakers in our series of capacity building sessions focusing on labour and human rights concerns in Indonesia.

Our next steps

Continuing on our project in West- Kalimantan.

Desk research on the OECD risks in palmoil worldwide (in all countries where palmoil is produced as part of the risk assessment due diligence toolkit for Dutch SMEs.

Our struggle

Creating cooperation and social dialogue between workers, trade unions and companies within the sustainable palm oil.


Our UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our organisation is most concerned with the following 5 UN SDGs:

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Our main focus is on goal 8; Decent work, as trade unions

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