Fundación Española del Aceite de Palma Sostenible

The Spanish Foundation for Sustainable Palm Oil was created in 2017 with the aim to promote sustainability in the production of palm oil, and at the same time contribute to the investigation and rigorous scientific knowledge of this commodity. Our members include main producers and refiners of palm oil, committed to the use of RSPO certification and, therefore, committed to sustainable palm oil.

Our commitment on the movement

We are committed to support sustainable palm oil in Europe because we strongly believe that this is the only way to go when attaining at ensuring an agricultural production that protects the interests of people and nature, improving sustainability and accomplishing with SDGs.

“From March 2020, I am assuming the Presidency of the Spanish Foundation for Sustainable Palm Oil. In this new period, the Foundation wants to be an active interlocutor in the debate on sustainability, nutrition and health, disseminating the reality of Palm Oil and always based on scientific evidence.”
Franco Martino, President Spanish Foundation for Sustainable Palm Oil

Our story

Three years ago, nobody was aware of palm oil in Spain. When the Spanish Foundation was set up in 2017, we focused on sustainability as a major activity in terms of communication; several workshops, seminars and publications were promoted aiming at the different stakeholders and users. Soon we realized that retailers were a critical partner if we wanted to increase the use of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in Spain. Its double role in the food chain – as buyers but also as owners of private label brands – moves us to focus on them. During the last two years, the Foundation has organized technical meetings with representatives of CSR and technical affairs of the most important retailers in Spain, in order to inform them about the benefits of CSPO.  The vast majority of retailers in Spain are engaged in their technical product specification with CSPO or plan to introduce it progressively.

Our UN Sustainable Development Goals

My organisation is most concerned with the following 5 UN SDGs:

  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 12: Responsible product and consumption
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Our struggles and future plans

Our biggest struggle in the move to sustainable palm oil is to convince economic operators – industry, retail – that sustainable palm oil is the best way to improve food production and consumption.

Our next project that will help reach our target of 100% sustainable palm oil in Europe is the start of a coordination strategy between our organization and the Embassies of the production countries. Such strategy will be aimed at promoting sustainable palm oil before our authorities and will attain towards the signing of the Amsterdam Declaration. By means of such strategy, the main goal is to increase the amount of sustainable palm oil in Spain, (currently representing 43.7%) in order to comply with the 2020 goal.


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