Unigrà produces food ingredients for industry, bakery and confectionery market. We are involved in palm, cocoa, coconut and other food supply chain. Our main plant is located in Italy, Conselice near Bologna.

Our commitment on the movement

In the last three years we have reached very high performances in terms of traceability of our palm oil supply chain, at the moment we are able to guarantee a traceability to mill pair to 96% and 55% to plantation. We can answer in less than one week to every grievance that can arrive to us directly or indirectly from a stakeholder analyzing the issue and identifying an action plan.

"We can answer in less than one week to every grievance, analyse the issue and create an action plan"
Marcello Valenti, Environment and Sustainability Manager

Our struggles and future plans

In the supply chain we are in the middle between suppliers and customers. In some cases it is not possible for us to sell sustainable certified palm oil because a part of our customers doesn’t want to bear the premium cost of sustainibility certification. We are now working to make our palm oil 100% traceability to mill, 100% traceability to plantation and 100% palm oil covered with No deforestation, No peat, No exploitation (NDPE) commitments in 2020.

Our UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are focusing our contribution to the UN SDGs:

  • Goal 8: decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 12: responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 15: life on land
  • Goal 17: partnership for the goals,

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